Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Addendum: the ward Christmas party --

Another confirming detail for me was the ward Christmas party. I know we had one. I found out because they sent e-mail to the Elders Quorum at the last minute looking for people to do set up and takedown. The one personal invitation I got to it was from the automated notification system on the ward calendar, which showed up two days after the party. It was kind of sad to me that neither my home teachers nor my home teaching companion thought enough of me to invite our family to the party. A trivial thing, and not something I'm really offended by. Just kind of disappointed. An indicator that people really don't care about us that much.

We got some e-mail and a Christmas card from people in our previous ward, but not a single communication from people in our own ward.

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Paul said...

I gave up on following your blogs a while ago -- every time I came to your URL it showed no new entries. So, it was fortunate that I saw your announcement on the NOM site that you are “back on-line.“ I am really interested in your journey. I hope you will continue to share it as it as helped me, or “something” me, in hopefully a positive way.

Best to you and Happy New Year!