Sunday, December 27, 2009

Intro to Book of Mormon summary --

Over the summer I re-read the Book of Mormon for the 17th time.  Typically what I did for times 1 - 15 was to try to read the Book of Mormon over a longer period of time.  Say, a year.  At least one time was in Spanish, and one time was over a multi-year period as part of our family scripture study, which gives you a window into how regular our family scripture study was at the time.

The 16th time was as part of Gordon B Hinckley's "Book of Mormon Challenge" in 2005, which was extremely appropriate for me because I was beginning my real crisis of LDS faith.

The last two times have probably been the best, because I think re-reading it in a shorter period of time allowed me a broader scope of it.  I can still remember the beginning while reading the end, and the themes show up better.

Periodically I wrote summaries of my thoughts at the time.

I wanted to put these down for awhile in order to filter them through more perspective.  (Of course involving no procrastination at all.  No, not any)  I have the time now at the end of the year, so this seemed like a good time to start to post them.

My initial idea was to post one large writeup, but in re-reading my entries they become less positive over the course of the book.  In retrospect I think it's better to post them as I wrote them, so my feelings about each section are a little less "processed".  So, over the next few days I'll put them up, as I get time to do a little editing.

As always, just my thoughts, worth what you paid for them.  I don't include specific citations for much of what I claim.  If that was useful I guess I could probably assemble that for the last entry, so as not to distract from the flow of the rest.  Let me know if somehow that would be useful.

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